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Added screenshots to admin css docs

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@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@ group in a box and applies certain styles to the elements within. An ``h2``
within a ``div.module`` will align to the top of the ``div`` as a header for the
whole group.
+.. image::
+ :alt: Example use of module class on admin homepage
Column Types
@@ -138,8 +141,11 @@ additional class on the ``a`` for that tool. These are ``.addlink`` and
Example from a changelist page::
<ul class="object-tools">
- <li><a href="/stories/add/" class="addlink">Add story</a></li>
+ <li><a href="/stories/add/" class="addlink">Add redirect</a></li>
+.. image::
+ :alt: Object tools on a changelist page
and from a form page::
@@ -148,6 +154,9 @@ and from a form page::
<li><a href="/r/303/152383/" class="viewsitelink">View on site</a></li>
+.. image::
+ :alt: Object tools on a form page
Form Styles
@@ -172,7 +181,10 @@ Form Rows
Each row of the form (within the ``fieldset``) should be enclosed in a ``div``
with class ``form-row``. If the field in the row is required, a class of
-``required`` should also be added to the ``form-row div``.
+``required`` should also be added to the ``div.form-row``.
+.. image::
+ :alt: Example use of form-row class

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