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Fixed #2173 -- Small tweaks to Windows mod_python question in docs/fa…

…q.txt. Thanks, paolo and asmodai

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@@ -314,13 +314,16 @@ as long as that server has WSGI_ hooks. See the `server arrangements wiki page`_
How do I install mod_python on Windows?
- * For Python 2.4, check out this `guide to mod_python & Python 2.3`_.
+ * For Python 2.4, grab mod_python from `win32 build of mod_python for
+ Python 2.4`_.
+ * For Python 2.4, check out this `Django on Windows howto`_.
* For Python 2.3, grab mod_python from and read
`Running mod_python on Apache on Windows2000`_.
* Also, try this (not Windows-specific) `guide to getting mod_python
-.. _`guide to mod_python & Python 2.3`:
+.. _`win32 build of mod_python for Python 2.4`:
+.. _`Django on Windows howto`:
.. _`Running mod_python on Apache on Windows2000`:
.. _`guide to getting mod_python working`:

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