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Fixed #21543 -- Removed base_dir attribute in StaticFilesHandler.

This code seems to be an artifact of AdminMediaHandler removed in [5c53e30].
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1 parent 3b60ffa commit b8be3055f1d81ee956ea1572c48cc352b63099db @KrzysiekJ KrzysiekJ committed with timgraham
Showing with 1 addition and 8 deletions.
  1. +1 −8 django/contrib/staticfiles/
9 django/contrib/staticfiles/
@@ -12,18 +12,11 @@ class StaticFilesHandler(WSGIHandler):
WSGI middleware that intercepts calls to the static files directory, as
defined by the STATIC_URL setting, and serves those files.
- def __init__(self, application, base_dir=None):
+ def __init__(self, application):
self.application = application
- if base_dir:
- self.base_dir = base_dir
- else:
- self.base_dir = self.get_base_dir()
self.base_url = urlparse(self.get_base_url())
super(StaticFilesHandler, self).__init__()
- def get_base_dir(self):
- return settings.STATIC_ROOT
def get_base_url(self):
return settings.STATIC_URL

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