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Django will write out the value as an instatiation of your class with the
given arguments, similar to the way it writes out references to Django fields.
+Upgrading from South
+If you already have pre-existing migrations created with
+`South 0.x <>`_, then the upgrade process to use
+``django.db.migrations`` is quite simple:
+* Ensure all installs are fully up-to-date with their migrations
+* Delete all your (numbered) migration files, but not the directory or - make sure you remove the ``.pyc`` files too.
+* Run ``python makemigrations``. Django should see the empty migration directories and make new initial migrations in the new format.
+* Run ``python migrate``. Django will see that the tables for the initial migrations already exist and mark them as applied without running them.
+That's it! The only complication is if you have a circular dependency loop
+of foreign keys; in this case, ``makemigrations`` might make more than one
+initial migration, and you'll need to mark them all as applied using::
+ python migrate --fake yourappnamehere

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