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Fixed #14669 -- corrected an ungrammatical sentence in the internatio…

…nalization docs. Thanks to steveire for the report.

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@@ -87,13 +87,13 @@ The strings you pass to ``_()`` or ``ugettext()`` can take placeholders,
specified with Python's standard named-string interpolation syntax. Example::
def my_view(request, m, d):
- output = _('Today is %(month)s, %(day)s.') % {'month': m, 'day': d}
+ output = _('Today is %(month)s %(day)s.') % {'month': m, 'day': d}
return HttpResponse(output)
This technique lets language-specific translations reorder the placeholder
-text. For example, an English translation may be ``"Today is November, 26."``,
+text. For example, an English translation may be ``"Today is November 26."``,
while a Spanish translation may be ``"Hoy es 26 de Noviembre."`` -- with the
-placeholders (the month and the day) with their positions swapped.
+the month and the day placeholders swapped.
For this reason, you should use named-string interpolation (e.g., ``%(day)s``)
instead of positional interpolation (e.g., ``%s`` or ``%d``) whenever you

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