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Fixed #2592: Added a warning to tutorial 1 about not naming your proj…

…ect "site" or "django" or anything else similarly boneheaded.

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@@ -41,6 +41,13 @@ From the command line, ``cd`` into a directory where you'd like to store your
code, then run the command `` startproject mysite``. This
will create a ``mysite`` directory in your current directory.
+.. note::
+ You'll need to avoid naming projects after built-in Python or Django
+ components. In particular, this means you should avoid using names like
+ ``django`` (which will conflict with Django itself) or ``site`` (which
+ conflicts with a built-in Python package).
(```` should be on your system path if you installed Django via
``python``. If it's not on your path, you can find it in
``site-packages/django/bin``, where ``site-packages`` is a directory within

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