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Fix #17119: Update cache doc to match current implementation, which d…

…oes (since r15705) cache pages with GET parameters. Thanks Vanni, poirier, and calvinspealman.

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commit ba0734af9c54d1ace09285f6823cb8e4624acf99 1 parent efe4e2e
Karen Tracey authored November 12, 2011

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  1. 6  docs/topics/cache.txt
6  docs/topics/cache.txt
@@ -456,8 +456,10 @@ Then, add the following required settings to your Django settings file:
456 456
   the site, or some other string that is unique to this Django instance, to
457 457
   prevent key collisions. Use an empty string if you don't care.
458 458
-The cache middleware caches every page that doesn't have GET or POST
-parameters. Optionally, if the :setting:`CACHE_MIDDLEWARE_ANONYMOUS_ONLY`
+The cache middleware caches GET and HEAD responses with status 200, where the request
+and response headers allow. Responses to requests for the same URL with different
+query parameters are considered to be unique pages and are cached separately.
+Optionally, if the :setting:`CACHE_MIDDLEWARE_ANONYMOUS_ONLY`
461 463
 setting is ``True``, only anonymous requests (i.e., not those made by a
462 464
 logged-in user) will be cached. This is a simple and effective way of disabling
463 465
 caching for any user-specific pages (including Django's admin interface). Note

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