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Fix 20061: remove out of date comment.

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1 parent 0122a98 commit babd1090ee2a05ae0ec061dd08e70f2008db059b @bmispelon bmispelon committed
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  1. +0 −2 django/contrib/humanize/
2 django/contrib/humanize/
@@ -39,8 +39,6 @@ def now(self, tz=None):
class HumanizeTests(TestCase):
def humanize_tester(self, test_list, result_list, method):
- # Using max below ensures we go through both lists
- # However, if the lists are not equal length, this raises an exception
for test_content, result in zip(test_list, result_list):
t = Template('{%% load humanize %%}{{ test_content|%s }}' % method)
rendered = t.render(Context(locals())).strip()

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