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Fixed #12412 -- Clarified the documentation around file handling by t…

…he test client. Thanks to Gabriel Hurley for the draft patch.

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@@ -668,8 +668,16 @@ arguments at time of construction:
(The name ``attachment`` here is not relevant; use whatever name your
file-processing code expects.)
- Note that you should manually close the file after it has been provided
- to ``post()``.
+ Note that if you wish to use the same file handle for multiple
+ ``post()`` calls then you will need to manually reset the file
+ pointer between posts. The easiest way to do this is to
+ manually close the file after it has been provided to
+ ``post()``, as demonstrated above.
+ You should also ensure that the file is opened in a way that
+ allows the data to be read. If your file contains binary data
+ such as an image, this means you will need to open the file in
+ ``rb`` (read binary) mode.
The ``extra`` argument acts the same as for :meth:`Client.get`.

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