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Documentation -- Corrected error about Model.full_clean()

Although the ModelForm validation code was changed to call
Model.full_clean(), the documentation still said otherwise. The
offending phrase was removed.
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1 parent 0073f1d commit bb011cf809359da3f717e35b5e70fec7897dd22f @marfire marfire committed Aug 21, 2013
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@@ -104,14 +104,9 @@ aren't present on your form from being validated since any errors raised could
not be corrected by the user.
Note that ``full_clean()`` will *not* be called automatically when you call
-your model's :meth:`` method, nor as a result of
-:class:`~django.forms.ModelForm` validation. In the case of
-:class:`~django.forms.ModelForm` validation, :meth:`Model.clean_fields()`,
-:meth:`Model.clean()`, and :meth:`Model.validate_unique()` are all called
-You'll need to call ``full_clean`` manually when you want to run one-step model
-validation for your own manually created models. For example::
+your model's :meth:`` method. You'll need to call it manually
+when you want to run one-step model validation for your own manually created
+models. For example::
from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError

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