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@@ -838,17 +838,6 @@ your ``.profile`` to be able to run the package programs from the command-line::
-.. note::
- Use of these binaries requires Django 1.0.3 and above. If you are
- using a previous version of Django (like 1.0.2), then you will have
- to add the following in your settings:
- .. code-block:: python
- GEOS_LIBRARY_PATH='/Library/Frameworks/GEOS.framework/GEOS'
- GDAL_LIBRARY_PATH='/Library/Frameworks/GDAL.framework/GDAL'
.. _psycopg2_kyngchaos:
@@ -1768,22 +1768,6 @@ This queryset will be evaluated as subselect statement::
-The above code fragment could also be written as follows::
- inner_q = Blog.objects.filter(name__contains='Cheddar').values('pk').query
- entries = Entry.objects.filter(blog__in=inner_q)
-.. warning::
- This ``query`` attribute should be considered an opaque internal attribute.
- It's fine to use it like above, but its API may change between Django
- versions.
-This second form is a bit less readable and unnatural to write, since it
-accesses the internal ``query`` attribute and requires a ``ValuesQuerySet``.
-If your code doesn't require compatibility with Django 1.0, use the first
-form, passing in a queryset directly.
If you pass in a ``ValuesQuerySet`` or ``ValuesListQuerySet`` (the result of
calling ``values()`` or ``values_list()`` on a queryset) as the value to an
``__in`` lookup, you need to ensure you are only extracting one field in the

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