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[1.5.x] Fixed #21002 -- Documented JSON session serialization require…

…s string keys

Thanks jeroen.pulles at for the report.

Backport of 3baf1d1 from master.
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1 parent c9a021b commit bc78ffa270cd6b2607749c0ed2b3974b98eef0f4 @timgraham timgraham committed Sep 3, 2013
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  1. +17 −3 docs/topics/http/sessions.txt
@@ -312,7 +312,8 @@ Session serialization
Before version 1.6, Django defaulted to using :mod:`pickle` to serialize
session data before storing it in the backend. If you're using the :ref:`signed
cookie session backend<cookie-session-backend>` and :setting:`SECRET_KEY` is
-known by an attacker, the attacker could insert a string into his session
+known by an attacker (there isn't an inherent vulnerability in Django that
+would cause it to leak), the attacker could insert a string into his session
which, when unpickled, executes arbitrary code on the server. The technique for
doing so is simple and easily available on the internet. Although the cookie
session storage signs the cookie-stored data to prevent tampering, a
@@ -337,8 +338,21 @@ Bundled Serializers
.. class:: serializers.JSONSerializer
A wrapper around the JSON serializer from :mod:`django.core.signing`. Can
- only serialize basic data types. See the :ref:`custom-serializers` section
- for more details.
+ only serialize basic data types.
+ In addition, as JSON supports only string keys, note that using non-string
+ keys in ``request.session`` won't work as expected::
+ >>> # initial assignment
+ >>> request.session[0] = 'bar'
+ >>> # subsequent requests following serialization & deserialization
+ >>> # of session data
+ >>> request.session[0] # KeyError
+ >>> request.session['0']
+ 'bar'
+ See the :ref:`custom-serializers` section for more details on limitations
+ of JSON serialization.
.. class:: serializers.PickleSerializer

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