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Big glaring warning in docs/flatpages.txt to remind people how respon…

…se middleware works

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For more on middleware, read the `middleware docs`_.
+.. admonition:: Ensure that your 404 template works
+ Note that the ``FlatpageFallbackMiddleware`` only steps in once
+ another view has successfully produced a 404 response. If another
+ view or middleware class attempts to produce a 404 but ends up
+ raising an exception instead (such as a ``TemplateDoesNotExist``
+ exception if your site does not have an appropriate template to
+ use for HTTP 404 responses), the response will become an HTTP 500
+ ("Internal Server Error") and the ``FlatpageFallbackMiddleware``
+ will not attempt to serve a flat page.
.. _SITE_ID: ../settings/#site-id
.. _RequestContext: ../templates_python/#subclassing-context-djangocontext
.. _middleware docs: ../middleware/

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