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Add a proper cross-reference to the mention of HttpRequest in the com…

…ment moderation docs.

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commit bed1418034ec20a308ac8df94ebaf97fd489ea30 1 parent bcb0d12
James Bennett authored May 15, 2009
2  docs/ref/contrib/comments/moderation.txt
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ determine how moderation will take place; each method will be called
145 145
 by the moderation system and passed two arguments: ``comment``, which
146 146
 is the new comment being posted, ``content_object``, which is the
147 147
 object the comment will be attached to, and ``request``, which is the
-``HttpRequest`` in which the comment is being submitted:
+:class:`~django.http.HttpRequest` in which the comment is being submitted:
149 149
150 150
 .. method:: CommentModerator.allow(comment, content_object, request)
151 151

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