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[soc2009/http-wsgi-improvements] Added the codec attribute/property t…

…o HttpResponse, and added docs for recent work with charsets/codecs.

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1 parent c53880e commit bf66b536a2e5c1307b3e47d737012fd4829faf01 @ccahoon ccahoon committed Jul 11, 2009
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  1. +9 −0 django/http/
  2. +14 −1 docs/ref/request-response.txt
@@ -373,6 +373,15 @@ def _configure_body_encoding(self):
if not self._codec:
self._codec = UnsupportedCharset
+ def _get_codec(self):
+ return self._codec
+ def _set_codec(self, value):
+ if hasattr(value, "name"):
+ self._codec = value
+ codec = property(_get_codec, _set_codec)
def _get_status_code(self):
if self._codec is UnsupportedCharset:
@@ -471,10 +471,19 @@ Attributes
A normal Python string representing the content, encoded from a Unicode
object if necessary.
+.. attribute :: HttpResponse.codec
+ A class that contains the attribute ``name``, which contains an alias or
+ name of a codec (from the module ``codecs``) that will be used to encode
+ the response content. This value is set automatically in response to a
+ ``request`` argument that contains an Accept-Charset header or content_type
+ argument that contains a charset value. The priority for setting the codec/
+ charset is specified in HttpResponse.charsets.
-.. method:: HttpResponse.__init__(content='', mimetype=None, status=200, content_type=DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE)
+.. method:: HttpResponse.__init__(content='', mimetype=None, status=200, content_type=DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE, request=None)
Instantiates an ``HttpResponse`` object with the given page content (a
string) and MIME type. The ``DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE`` is ``'text/html'``.
@@ -495,6 +504,10 @@ Methods
Otherwise, ``content_type`` is used. If neither is given, the
``DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE`` setting is used.
+ ``request`` is the request that triggered this response. It can be used in
+ the event that a view cares about dealing with request headers, in
+ particular the Accept-Charset header.
.. method:: HttpResponse.__setitem__(header, value)
Sets the given header name to the given value. Both ``header`` and

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