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[1.5.x] Fixed typo in previous commit; refs #21490.

Backport of 03bc0a8 from master
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1 parent 0934894 commit c0c77955629b27869ba78b91e1cb9b057860a3fc @timgraham timgraham committed
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2 docs/ref/contrib/admin/index.txt
@@ -2159,7 +2159,7 @@ that instance as a ``current_app`` hint to the reverse call. For example,
if you specifically wanted the admin view from the admin instance named
``custom``, you would need to call::
- >>> change_url = urlresolvers.reverse('custom:polls_choice_change',
+ >>> change_url = urlresolvers.reverse('admin:polls_choice_change',
... args=(,), current_app='custom')
For more details, see the documentation on :ref:`reversing namespaced URLs

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