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Fixed #4351 -- Attempted to make it easier for readers to see the dif…


between null and blank if they are reading from top to bottom.

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@@ -463,8 +463,10 @@ If ``True``, Django will store empty values as ``NULL`` in the database.
Default is ``False``.
Note that empty string values will always get stored as empty strings, not
-as ``NULL`` -- so use ``null=True`` for non-string fields such as integers,
-booleans and dates.
+as ``NULL``. Only use ``null=True`` for non-string fields such as integers,
+booleans and dates. For both types of fields, you will also need to set
+``blank=True`` if you wish to permit empty values in forms, as the ``null``
+parameter only affects database storage (see blank_, below).
Avoid using ``null`` on string-based fields such as ``CharField`` and
``TextField`` unless you have an excellent reason. If a string-based field

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