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Skipped a test that errors rather than marked it as an expectedFailure.

The test throws an error which Python 3.4 doesn't seem to catch as an

refs 7476d96
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1 parent b077ba7 commit c170c3761bf230e5891940b0fd9b2a9af20a41ae @timgraham timgraham committed
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  1. +2 −3 tests/serializers_regress/
5 tests/serializers_regress/
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
import datetime
import decimal
-from unittest import expectedFailure, skipUnless
+from unittest import skip, skipUnless
import warnings
@@ -482,8 +482,7 @@ def serializerTest(format, self):
self.assertEqual(count, klass.objects.count())
if connection.vendor == 'mysql' and six.PY3:
- # Existing MySQL DB-API drivers fail on binary data.
- serializerTest = expectedFailure(serializerTest)
+ serializerTest = skip("Existing MySQL DB-API drivers fail on binary data.")(serializerTest)
def naturalKeySerializerTest(format, self):

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