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Fixed #2176 -- Fixed typo in docs/db-api.txt. Thanks,

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commit c256dcd04bb0edcab93b99cee62b29df1cd6b046 1 parent c8f1d0a
@adrianholovaty adrianholovaty authored
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  1. +1 −1  docs/db-api.txt
2  docs/db-api.txt
@@ -731,7 +731,7 @@ The above example can be rewritten using ``get_or_create()`` like so::
defaults={'birthday': date(1940, 10, 9)})
Any keyword arguments passed to ``get_or_create()`` -- *except* an optional one
-called ``default`` -- will be used in a ``get()`` call. If an object is found,
+called ``defaults`` -- will be used in a ``get()`` call. If an object is found,
``get_or_create()`` returns a tuple of that object and ``False``. If an object
is *not* found, ``get_or_create()`` will instantiate and save a new object,
returning a tuple of the new object and ``True``. The new object will be

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