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Refs #2217 -- Updated DB API docs to discuss filtering using objects …

…rather than IDs. Second attempt - forgot to save before commit last time.

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@@ -1555,11 +1555,17 @@ of ``INSTALLED_APPS`` is to tell Django the entire model domain.
Queries over related objects
-When specifying a query over a related object, you have the option of
- b = Blog.objects.get(id=5)
- e1 = Entry.objects.filter()
+Queries involving related objects follow the same rules as queries involving
+normal value fields. When specifying the the value for a query to match, you
+may use either an object instance itself, or the primary key value for the
+For example, if you have a Blog object ``b`` with ``id=5``, the following
+three queries would be identical::
+ Entry.objects.filter(blog=b) # Query using object instance
+ Entry.objects.filter( # Query using id from instance
+ Entry.objects.filter(blog=5) # Query using id directly
Deleting objects

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