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[1.2.X] Fixed #14391 - Updated django-admin.1 man page to include new…

…er commands. Thanks to laurentluce for the patch.

Backport of [14120] from trunk

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@@ -27,6 +27,9 @@ Compiles .po files to .mo files for use with builtin gettext support.
.BI "createcachetable [" "tablename" "]"
Creates the table needed to use the SQL cache backend
+.BI "createsuperuser [" "\-\-username=USERNAME" "] [" "\-\-email=EMAIL" "]"
+Creates a superuser account (a user who has all permissions).
.B dbshell
Runs the command\-line client for the specified
.BI database ENGINE.
@@ -37,10 +40,21 @@ Displays differences between the current
and Django's default settings. Settings that don't appear in the defaults are
followed by "###".
+.BI "dumpdata [" "\-\-all" "] [" "\-\-format=FMT" "] [" "\-\-indent=NUM" "] [" "\-\-natural=NATURAL" "] [" "appname appname appname.Model ..." "]"
+Outputs to standard output all data in the database associated with the named
+.BI flush
+Returns the database to the state it was in immediately after syncdb was
.B inspectdb
Introspects the database tables in the database specified in and outputs a Django
model module.
+.BI "loaddata [" "fixture fixture ..." "]"
+Searches for and loads the contents of the named fixture into the database.
.BI "install [" "appname ..." "]"
.B sqlall
@@ -81,6 +95,13 @@ given model module name(s).
.BI "sqlclear [" "appname ..." "]"
Prints the DROP TABLE SQL statements for the given app name(s).
+.BI "sqlcustom [" "appname ..." "]"
+Prints the custom SQL statements for the given app name(s).
+.BI "sqlflush [" "appname ..." "]"
+Prints the SQL statements that would be executed for the "flush"
.BI "sqlindexes [" "appname ..." "]"
Prints the CREATE INDEX SQL statements for the given model module name(s).
@@ -107,7 +128,11 @@ in the current directory.
Creates the database tables for all apps in INSTALLED_APPS whose tables
haven't already been created.
-.BI "test [" "\-\-verbosity" "] [" "appname ..." "]"
+.BI "test [" "\-\-verbosity" "] [" "\-\-failfast" "] [" "appname ..." "]"
+Runs the test suite for the specified applications, or the entire project if
+no apps are specified
+.BI "testserver [" "\-\-addrport=ipaddr|port" "] [" "fixture fixture ..." "]"
Runs the test suite for the specified applications, or the entire project if
no apps are specified
@@ -145,6 +170,11 @@ Verbosity level: 0=minimal output, 1=normal output, 2=all output.
.I \-\-adminmedia=ADMIN_MEDIA_PATH
Specifies the directory from which to serve admin media when using the development server.
+.I \-\-traceback
+By default, will show a simple error message whenever an
+error occurs. If you specify this option, will
+output a full stack trace whenever an exception is raised.
.I \-l, \-\-locale=LOCALE
The locale to process when using makemessages or compilemessages.
@@ -155,15 +185,15 @@ The domain of the message files (default: "django") when using makemessages.
The file extension(s) to examine (default: ".html", separate multiple
extensions with commas, or use -e multiple times).
-.I \-e, \-\-symlinks
+.I \-s, \-\-symlinks
Follows symlinks to directories when examining source code and templates for
translation strings.
-.I \-e, \-\-ignore=PATTERN
+.I \-i, \-\-ignore=PATTERN
Ignore files or directories matching this glob-style pattern. Use multiple
times to ignore more.
-.I \-e, \-\-no\-default\-ignore
+.I \-\-no\-default\-ignore
Don't ignore the common private glob-style patterns 'CVS', '.*' and '*~'.
.I \-a, \-\-all
@@ -174,6 +204,10 @@ In the absence of the
.BI \-\-settings
option, this environment variable defines the settings module to be read.
It should be in Python-import form, e.g. "myproject.settings".
+.I \-\-database=DB
+Used to specify the database on which a command will operate. If not
+specified, this option will default to an alias of "default".
Full descriptions of all these options, with examples, as well as documentation

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