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Fixed 16992 -- Added InnoDB warning regarding reuse of AUTO_INCREMENT…

… values.

Thanks kent at for the report.
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commit c54fa1a7bc365fec79d4971bf22d5ad2799fde67 1 parent bacbbb4
@kedmiston kedmiston authored timgraham committed
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5 docs/ref/databases.txt
@@ -214,7 +214,10 @@ full-text indexing and searching.
Since MySQL 5.5.5, the default storage engine is InnoDB_. This engine is fully
transactional and supports foreign key references. It's probably the best
-choice at this point.
+choice at this point. However, note that the the InnoDB autoincrement counter
+is lost on a MySQL restart because it does not remember the
+``AUTO_INCREMENT`` value, instead recreating it as "max(id)+1". This may
+result in an inadvertent reuse of :class:`~django.db.models.AutoField` values.
If you upgrade an existing project to MySQL 5.5.5 and subsequently add some
tables, ensure that your tables are using the same storage engine (i.e. MyISAM
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