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Fixed #9432 -- Revived documentation of ~Q usage.

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@@ -601,7 +601,11 @@ This is equivalent to the following SQL ``WHERE`` clause::
WHERE question LIKE 'Who%' OR question LIKE 'What%'
You can compose statements of arbitrary complexity by combining ``Q`` objects
-with the ``&`` and ``|`` operators. You can also use parenthetical grouping.
+with the ``&`` and ``|`` operators and use parenthetical grouping. Also, ``Q``
+objects can be negated using the ``~`` operator, allowing for combined lookups
+that combine both a normal query and a negated (``NOT``) query::
+ Q(question__startswith='Who') | ~Q(pub_date__year=2005)
Each lookup function that takes keyword-arguments (e.g. ``filter()``,
``exclude()``, ``get()``) can also be passed one or more ``Q`` objects as

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