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Added CSRF with HTTPS/HSTS and forwarding note

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@@ -76,9 +76,17 @@ POST to your Web site and have another logged in user unwittingly submit that
form. The malicious user would have to know the nonce, which is user specific
(using a cookie).
+When deployed with :ref:`HTTPS <security-recommendation-ssl>`,
+``CsrfViewMiddleware`` will check that the HTTP referer header is set to a
+URL on the same origin (including subdomain and port). Because HTTPS
+provides additional security, it is imperative to ensure connections use HTTPS
+where it is available by forwarding insecure connection requests and using
+HSTS for supported browsers.
Be very careful with marking views with the ``csrf_exempt`` decorator unless
it is absolutely necessary.
SQL injection protection
@@ -112,6 +120,8 @@ The middleware is strongly recommended for any site that does not need to have
its pages wrapped in a frame by third party sites, or only needs to allow that
for a small section of the site.
+.. _security-recommendation-ssl:
@@ -155,7 +165,7 @@ server, there are some additional steps you may need:
the added security of SSL provided one successful connection has occurred.
HSTS is usually configured on the web server.
-.. _additional-security-topics:
+.. _host-headers-virtual-hosting:
Host headers and virtual hosting
@@ -175,6 +185,8 @@ recommend you ensure your Web server is configured such that:
Additionally, as of 1.3.1, Django requires you to explicitly enable support for
the ``X-Forwarded-Host`` header if your configuration requires it.
+.. _additional-security-topics:
Additional security topics

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