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Fixed some formatting issues in docs/settings.txt

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@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@ Designating the settings
When you use Django, you have to tell it which settings you're using. Do this
-by using an environment variable, DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE.
+by using an environment variable, ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE``.
-The value of DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE should be in Python path syntax, e.g.
+The value of ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE`` should be in Python path syntax, e.g.
``"myproject.settings.main"``. Note that the settings module should be on the
Python `import search path`_.
@@ -86,10 +86,13 @@ to. Each setting has a sensible default value. These defaults live in the file
Here's the algorithm Django uses in compiling settings:
- * Load settings from ````.
+ * Load settings from ````.
* Load settings from the specified settings file, overriding the global
settings as necessary.
+Note that a settings file should *not* import from ``global_settings``, because
+that's redundant.
Using settings in Python code
@@ -101,7 +104,7 @@ In your Django apps, use settings by importing them from
# Do something
-Note that your code should *not* import from either ``default_settings`` or
+Note that your code should *not* import from either ``global_settings`` or
your own settings file. ``django.conf.settings`` abstracts the concepts of
default settings and site-specific settings; it presents a single interface.
@@ -346,7 +349,8 @@ JING_PATH
Default: ``'/usr/bin/jing'``
Path to the "Jing" executable. Jing is a RELAX NG validator, and Django uses it
-to validate ``XMLField``s. See .
+to validate each ``XMLField`` in your models.
+See .

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