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Fixed #6353 (again) by making force_unicode() and smart_str() a bit m…

…ore robust

in the face of funky Exception instances. This is slightly symptomatic of
problems in the calling code, but we don't want to raise a secondary exception
whilst trying to display the first one. Based on a patch from Karen Tracey.

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1 parent 5dd68fa commit c6a2bd9b962af1cdf46f964589e6023046cfa8ec @malcolmt malcolmt committed Aug 26, 2008
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  1. +19 −1 django/utils/
@@ -48,7 +48,19 @@ def force_unicode(s, encoding='utf-8', strings_only=False, errors='strict'):
if hasattr(s, '__unicode__'):
s = unicode(s)
- s = unicode(str(s), encoding, errors)
+ try:
+ s = unicode(str(s), encoding, errors)
+ except UnicodeEncodeError:
+ if not isinstance(s, Exception):
+ raise
+ # If we get to here, the caller has passed in an Exception
+ # subclass populated with non-ASCII data without special
+ # handling to display as a string. We need to handle this
+ # without raising a further exception. We do an
+ # approximation to what the Exception's standard str()
+ # output should be.
+ s = ' '.join([force_unicode(arg, encoding, strings_only,
+ errors) for arg in s])
elif not isinstance(s, unicode):
# Note: We use .decode() here, instead of unicode(s, encoding,
# errors), so that if s is a SafeString, it ends up being a
@@ -72,6 +84,12 @@ def smart_str(s, encoding='utf-8', strings_only=False, errors='strict'):
return str(s)
except UnicodeEncodeError:
+ if isinstance(s, Exception):
+ # An Exception subclass containing non-ASCII data that doesn't
+ # know how to print itself properly. We shouldn't raise a
+ # further exception.
+ return ' '.join([smart_str(arg, encoding, strings_only,
+ errors) for arg in s])
return unicode(s).encode(encoding, errors)
elif isinstance(s, unicode):
return s.encode(encoding, errors)

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