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@@ -266,10 +266,11 @@ Internally, all block and inline translations use the appropriate
Each ``RequestContext`` has access to three translation-specific variables:
* ``LANGUAGES`` is a list of tuples in which the first element is the
- language code and the second is the language name (in that language).
+ language code and the second is the language name (translated into the
+ currently active locale).
* ``LANGUAGE_CODE`` is the current user's preferred language, as a string.
Example: ``en-us``. (See "How language preference is discovered", below.)
- * ``LANGUAGE_BIDI`` is the current language's direction. If True, it's a
+ * ``LANGUAGE_BIDI`` is the current locale's direction. If True, it's a
right-to-left language, e.g: Hebrew, Arabic. If False it's a
left-to-right language, e.g: English, French, German etc.

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