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Added 'How can I see the raw SQL queries Django is running?' to the FAQ

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@@ -222,6 +222,26 @@ but we recognize that choosing a template language runs close to religion.
There's nothing about Django that requires using the template language, so
if you're attached to ZPT, Cheetah, or whatever, feel free to use those.
+The database API
+How can I see the raw SQL queries Django is running?
+Make sure your Django ``DEBUG`` setting is set to ``True``. Then, just do
+ >>> from django.core.db import db
+ >>> db.queries
+ [{'sql': 'SELECT,polls_polls.question,polls_polls.pub_date FROM polls_polls',
+ 'time': '0.002'}]
+``db.queries`` is only available if ``DEBUG`` is ``True``. It's a list of
+dictionaries in order of query execution. Each dictionary has the following::
+ ``sql`` -- The raw SQL statement
+ ``time`` -- How long the statement took to execute, in seconds.
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