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Added links to FastCGI docs from various places

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14 docs/faq.txt
@@ -301,16 +301,18 @@ PostgreSQL fans, and MySQL_ and `SQLite 3`_ are also supported.
Do I have to use mod_python?
-Not if you just want to play around and develop things on your local computer.
-Django comes with its own Web server, and things should Just Work.
+Although we recommend mod_python for production use, you don't have to use it,
+thanks to the fact that Django uses an arrangement called WSGI_. Django can
+talk to any WSGI-enabled server. The most common non-mod_python deployment
+setup is FastCGI. See `How to use Django with FastCGI`_ for full information.
-For production use, though, we recommend mod_python. The Django developers have
-been running it on mod_python for several years, and it's quite stable.
+Also, see the `server arrangements wiki page`_ for other deployment strategies.
-However, if you don't want to use mod_python, you can use a different server,
-as long as that server has WSGI_ hooks. See the `server arrangements wiki page`_.
+If you just want to play around and develop things on your local computer, use
+the development Web server that comes with Django. Things should Just Work.
.. _WSGI:
+.. _How to use Django with FastCGI:
.. _server arrangements wiki page:
How do I install mod_python on Windows?
3  docs/fastcgi.txt
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
How to use Django with FastCGI
-Although the current preferred setup for running Django is Apache_ with
+Although the `current preferred setup`_ for running Django is Apache_ with
`mod_python`_, many people use shared hosting, on which FastCGI is the only
viable option. In some setups, FastCGI also allows better security -- and,
possibly, better performance -- than mod_python.
@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ served with no startup time. Unlike mod_python (or `mod_perl`_), a FastCGI
process doesn't run inside the Web server process, but in a separate,
persistent process.
+.. _current preferred setup:
.. _Apache:
.. _mod_python:
.. _mod_perl:
6 docs/modpython.txt
@@ -10,15 +10,17 @@ Python code into memory when the server starts. Code stays in memory throughout
the life of an Apache process, which leads to significant performance gains over
other server arrangements.
-Django requires Apache 2.x and mod_python 3.x.
+Django requires Apache 2.x and mod_python 3.x, and you should use Apache's
+`prefork MPM`_, as opposed to the `worker MPM`_.
-We recommend you use Apache's `prefork MPM`_, as opposed to the `worker MPM`_.
+You may also be interested in `How to use Django with FastCGI`_.
.. _Apache:
.. _mod_python:
.. _mod_perl:
.. _prefork MPM:
.. _worker MPM:
+.. _How to use Django with FastCGI:
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