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Clarified the text describing the deprecation status of mod_python. T…

…hanks to mattmcc and Tai Lee for pointing out the ambiguity.

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@@ -334,9 +334,12 @@ of active projects in its version control repositories, and its lead developer
has shifted all of his efforts toward the lighter, slimmer, more stable, and
more flexible ``mod_wsgi`` backend.
-If you are currently using the ``mod_python`` request handler, it is strongly
-encouraged you redeploy your Django instances using :doc:`mod_wsgi
+If you are currently using the ``mod_python`` request handler, you
+should redeploy your Django projects using another request handler.
+:doc:`mod_wsgi </howto/deployment/modwsgi>` is the request handler
+recommended by the Django project, but :doc:`FastCGI
+</howto/deployment/fastcgi>` is also supported. Support for
+``mod_python`` deployment will be removed in Django 1.5.
Function-based generic views

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