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Fixed ReST error in docs/newforms.txt from [5218]

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adrianholovaty committed May 14, 2007
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@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ required. In this example, the data dictionary doesn't include a value for the
{'nick_name': u'', 'first_name': u'John', 'last_name': u'Lennon'}
In this above example, the ``clean_data`` value for ``nick_name`` is set to an
-empty string, because ``nick_name`` is ``CharField``, and ``CharField``s treat
+empty string, because ``nick_name`` is ``CharField``, and ``CharField``\s treat
empty values as an empty string. Each field type knows what its "blank" value
is -- e.g., for ``DateField``, it's ``None`` instead of the empty string.

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