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Fixed #3658 -- Included description of ticket resolution states in the

contributors' documentation. Thanks, Simon Greenhill.

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31 docs/contributing.txt
@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ The second part of this workflow involves a set of flags the describe what the
ticket has or needs in order to be "ready for checkin":
"Has patch"
- The means the ticket has an associated patch_. These will be
+ This means the ticket has an associated patch_. These will be
reviewed to see if the patch is "good".
"Needs documentation"
@@ -212,6 +212,35 @@ ticket has or needs in order to be "ready for checkin":
ready for checkin. This could mean the patch no longer applies
cleanly, or that the code doesn't live up to our standards.
+A ticket can be resolved in a number of ways:
+ "fixed"
+ This state is used by one of the core developers once a patch has been
+ rolled into Django, and the issue is fixed.
+ "invalid"
+ This state is used if the ticket is found to be incorrect, or a user
+ error.
+ "wontfix"
+ Used when a core developer decides that this request is not
+ appropriate for consideration in Django. This is usually chosen after
+ discussion in the ``django-developers`` mailing list, and you should
+ feel free to join in when it's something you care about.
+ "duplicate"
+ This is used when, rather obviously, there's a duplicate ticket about
+ the same issue. By closing the extra tickets, we can keep all the
+ discussion in one place which helps everyone.
+ "worksforme"
+ This state is similar to "invalid", but is generally used to show
+ that the triage team was unable to replicate the original bug.
+If you believe that the ticket was closed in error, either because you're still having the
+issue, or it's popped up somewhere else, or the triagers have made a mistake, please reopen
+the ticket and tell us why.
.. _required details: `Reporting bugs`_
.. _good patch: `Patch style`_
.. _patch: `Submitting patches`_

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