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Fixed #11889: Documented the fact that context processors will overwr…

…ite pre-existing context variables of the same names.

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@@ -335,6 +335,13 @@ variable to the context and a second processor adds a variable with the same
name, the second will override the first. The default processors are explained
+.. admonition:: When context processors are applied
+ When you use ``RequestContext``, the variables you supply directly
+ are added first, followed any variables supplied by context
+ processors. This means that a context processor may overwrite a
+ variable you've supplied, so take care to avoid variable names
+ which overlap with those supplied by your context processors.
Also, you can give ``RequestContext`` a list of additional processors, using the
optional, third positional argument, ``processors``. In this example, the
``RequestContext`` instance gets a ``ip_address`` variable::

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