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Fixed #9254 -- Added information to the porting guide about the remov…

…al of

"core" and the new methods on model file- and image-fields.

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@@ -57,6 +57,15 @@ Remove the ``prepopulated_from`` argument on model fields. It's no longer valid
and has been moved to the ``AdminModel`` class in ````. See `the
admin`_, below, for more details about changes to the admin.
+Remove ``core``
+Remove the ``core`` argument from your model fields. It is no longer
+necessary, since the equivalent functionality (part of :ref:`inline editing
+<admin-inlines>`) is handled differently by the admin interface now. You don't
+have to worry about inline editing until you get to `the admin`_ section,
+below. For now, remove all references to ``core``.
Replace ``class Admin:`` with ````
@@ -287,6 +296,31 @@ Old (0.96) New (1.0)
``f['content-type']`` ``f.content_type``
===================== =====================
+Work with file fields using the new API
+The internal implementation of :class:`django.db.models.FileField` have changed.
+A visible result of this is that the way you access special attributes (URL,
+filename, image size, etc) of these model fields has changed. You will need to
+make the following changes, assuming your model's
+:class:`~django.db.models.FileField` is called ``myfile``:
+=================================== ========================
+Old (0.96) New (1.0)
+=================================== ========================
+``myfile.get_content_filename()`` ``myfile.content.path``
+``myfile.get_content_url()`` ``myfile.content.url``
+``myfile.get_content_size()`` ``myfile.content.size``
+``myfile.save_content_file()`` ````
+``myfile.get_content_width()`` ``myfile.content.width``
+``myfile.get_content_height()`` ``myfile.content.height``
+=================================== ========================
+Note that the ``width`` and ``height`` attributes only make sense for
+:class:`~django.db.models.ImageField` fields. More details can be found in the
+:ref:`model API <ref-models-fields>` documentation.

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