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Removed instructions about download_url from release process notes.

This is no longer something that has to happen now that 5c771da is in.
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1 parent 5c771da commit ce23e33399a8a21a87de94bfbf12ae57f833b52c @jacobian jacobian committed Apr 4, 2013
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@@ -161,10 +161,6 @@ OK, this is the fun part, where we actually push out a release!
- Make sure the ``download_url`` in ```` is the actual URL you'll
- use for the new release package, not the redirect URL (some tools can't
- properly follow redirects).
#. If this is a pre-release package, update the "Development Status" trove
classifier in ```` to reflect this. Otherwise, make sure the
classifier is set to ``Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable``.

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