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@@ -30,18 +30,18 @@ Refactored admin application (newforms-admin)
``django.newforms``, and now available as simply ``django.forms``)
and redesigned with extensibility and customization in mind. Full
documentation for the admin application is available online in the
- official Django documentation::
+ official Django documentation:
Improved Unicode handling
Django's internals have been refactored to use Unicode throughout;
this drastically simplifies the task of dealing with
non-Western-European content and data in Django. Additionally,
- utility functions have been provided to eash interoperability with
+ utility functions have been provided to each interoperability with
third-party libraries and systems which may or may not handle
Unicode gracefully. Details are available in Django's
- Unicode-handling documentation::
+ Unicode-handling documentation:
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ An improved Django ORM
took place in the ORM's internals. A guide to the changes,
including backwards-incompatible modifications and mentions of new
features opened up by this refactoring, is available on the Django
- wiki::
+ wiki:
@@ -66,12 +66,12 @@ Automatic escaping of template variables
and allows both variables and larger template constructs to be
marked as safe (requiring no escaping) or unsafe (requiring
escaping). A full guide to this feature is in the documentation
- for the Django template system::
+ for the Django template system:
There are many more new features, many bugfixes and many enhancements
-to existing features from previous releases; the ``newforms` library,
+to existing features from previous releases; the ``newforms`` library,
for example, has undergone massive improvements including several
useful add-ons in ``django.contrib`` which complement and build on
Django's form-handling capabilities, and Django's file-uploading
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ fleshed out and APIs have been finalized for the 1.0 release. A
complete guide to these changes will be available as part of the final
Django 1.0 release, and a comprehensive list of backwards-incompatible
changes is also available on the Django wiki for those who want to
-begin developing and testing their upgrade process::
+begin developing and testing their upgrade process:
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ followed soon after by Django 1.0. The timeline is projected to be:
Of course, like any estimated timeline this is subject to change as
requirements dictate; the latest information will always be available
-on the Django project wiki::
+on the Django project wiki:
@@ -137,23 +137,23 @@ production use, you can help the Django team by trying out the alpha
codebase in a safe test environment and reporting any bugs or issues
you encounter. The Django ticket tracker is the central place to
search for open issues and open new issues if no existing ticket
-corresponds to a problem you're running into::
+corresponds to a problem you're running into:
Additionally, discussion of Django development, including progress
toward the 1.0 release, takes place daily on the django-developers
-mailing list::
+mailing list:
And in the ``#django-dev`` IRC channel on ````. If
you're interested in helping out with Django's development, feel free
to join the discussions there. Django's online documentation also
-includes pointers on how to contribute to Django::
+includes pointers on how to contribute to Django:
Contributions on any level -- from developing code to writing
documentation to simply triaging tickets and helping to test proposed
-bugifxes -- are always welcome and always appreciated.
+bugfixes -- are always welcome and always appreciated.

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