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When will you release Django 1.0?
-Short answer: When we're comfortable with Django's APIs, have added all
-features that we feel are necessary to earn a "1.0" status, and are ready to
-begin maintaining backwards compatibility.
+See our `version one roadmap`_ for the detailed timeline. We're aiming for
+September 2, 2008.
-The merging of Django's `Queryset Refactor branch`_ went a long way toward Django
-1.0. Merging the `Newforms Admin branch` will be another important step.
-Of course, you should note that `quite a few production sites`_ use Django in
-its current status. Don't let the lack of a 1.0 turn you off.
-.. _Queryset Refactor branch:
-.. _Newforms Admin branch:
-.. _quite a few production sites:
+.. _version one roadmap:
How can I download the Django documentation to read it offline?

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