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Changed the test from [8052] so that it is insensitive to whether a d…


sorts NULLs first or last in a sequence or results.

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1 parent 8745bec commit d1ea8b2842a9d1fd54c799e9f374d6b53931942e @malcolmt malcolmt committed
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4 tests/regressiontests/queries/
@@ -833,8 +833,8 @@ class Related(models.Model):
Bug #7791 -- there were "issues" when ordering and distinct-ing on fields
related via ForeignKeys.
->>> Note.objects.order_by('extrainfo__info').distinct()
-[<Note: n3>, <Note: n1>, <Note: n2>]
+>>> len(Note.objects.order_by('extrainfo__info').distinct())

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