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Fixed #14641 - a handful of grammer/typo fixes.

Thanks, programmerq.

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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Having trouble? We'd like to help!
`post a question`_.
* Ask a question in the `#django IRC channel`_, or search the `IRC logs`_ to see
- if its been asked before.
+ if it's been asked before.
* Report bugs with Django in our `ticket tracker`_.
@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ and have free rein to hack on all parts of Django.
Joseph Kocherhans
Joseph is currently a developer at EveryBlock_, and previously worked for
- the Lawrence Journal-World where he built most of the backend for the their
+ the Lawrence Journal-World where he built most of the backend for their
Marketplace site. He often disappears for several days into the woods,
attempts to teach himself computational linguistics, and annoys his
neighbors with his Charango_ playing.
@@ -1241,14 +1241,11 @@ used if :class:`~django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware` is installed
+Default: ``()`` (Empty tuple)
A tuple of profanities, as strings, that will trigger a validation error when
the ``hasNoProfanities`` validator is called.
-We don't list the default values here, because that would be profane. To see
-the default values, see the file `django/conf/`_.
-.. _django/conf/

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