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Added note to docs/cache.txt about CACHE_MIDDLEWARE_ANONYMOUS_ONLY=Tr…

…ue and ordering AuthenticationMiddleware. Refs #2541.

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@@ -233,7 +233,10 @@ The cache middleware caches every page that doesn't have GET or POST
parameters. Optionally, if the ``CACHE_MIDDLEWARE_ANONYMOUS_ONLY`` setting is
``True``, only anonymous requests (i.e., not those made by a logged-in user)
will be cached. This is a simple and effective way of disabling caching for any
-user-specific pages (include Django's admin interface).
+user-specific pages (include Django's admin interface). Note that if you use
+``CACHE_MIDDLEWARE_ANONYMOUS_ONLY``, you should make sure you've activated
+``AuthenticationMiddleware`` and that ``AuthenticationMiddleware`` appears
+before ``CacheMiddleware`` in your ``MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES``.
Additionally, ``CacheMiddleware`` automatically sets a few headers in each

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