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[1.5.x] Added section labels in cache docs

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1 parent fcc8381 commit d4c19a6e7e45f3ff4dbbb2424904b726709bb24f @unho unho committed with timgraham
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4 docs/topics/cache.txt
@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ Django also works well with "upstream" caches, such as `Squid
caches that you don't directly control but to which you can provide hints (via
HTTP headers) about which parts of your site should be cached, and how.
+.. _setting-up-the-cache:
Setting up the cache
@@ -152,6 +154,8 @@ permanent storage -- they're all intended to be solutions for caching, not
storage -- but we point this out here because memory-based caching is
particularly temporary.
+.. _database-caching:
Database caching

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