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[1.1.X] Fixed #13282 -- Clarified documentation around week_day filte…

…ring in querysets. Thanks to wangchun, Ramiro Morales and timo.

Backport of r13155 from trunk.

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@@ -1518,15 +1518,15 @@ week_day
For date/datetime fields, a 'day of the week' match.
+Takes an integer value representing the day of week from 1 (Sunday) to 7
-SQL equivalent::
- SELECT ... WHERE EXTRACT('dow' FROM pub_date) = '2';
-(The exact SQL syntax varies for each database engine.)
+(No equivalent SQL code fragment is included for this lookup because
+implementation of the relevant query varies among different database engines.)
Note this will match any record with a pub_date that falls on a Monday (day 2
of the week), regardless of the month or year in which it occurs. Week days

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