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Fixed #21969: Fix behaviour of initial_data with migrated apps

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andrewgodwin committed Feb 9, 2014
1 parent 2508410 commit d5df7a0515b08621a526a9c9ffde7d7702c5b07e
@@ -35,6 +35,8 @@ class Command(BaseCommand):
make_option('--database', action='store', dest='database',
default=DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS, help='Nominates a specific database to load '
'fixtures into. Defaults to the "default" database.'),
+ make_option('--app', action='store', dest='app_label',
+ default=None, help='Only look for fixtures in the specified app.'),
make_option('--ignorenonexistent', '-i', action='store_true', dest='ignore',
default=False, help='Ignores entries in the serialized data for fields'
' that do not currently exist on the model.'),
@@ -44,6 +46,8 @@ def handle(self, *fixture_labels, **options):
self.ignore = options.get('ignore')
self.using = options.get('database')
+ self.app_label = options.get('app_label')
+ self.hide_empty = options.get('hide_empty', False)
if not len(fixture_labels):
raise CommandError(
@@ -105,7 +109,9 @@ def loaddata(self, fixture_labels):
if self.verbosity >= 1:
- if self.fixture_object_count == self.loaded_object_count:
+ if self.fixture_count == 0 and self.hide_empty:
+ pass
+ elif self.fixture_object_count == self.loaded_object_count:
self.stdout.write("Installed %d object(s) from %d fixture(s)" %
(self.loaded_object_count, self.fixture_count))
@@ -230,6 +236,8 @@ def fixture_dirs(self):
dirs = []
for app_config in apps.get_app_configs():
+ if self.app_label and app_config.label != self.app_label:
+ continue
d = os.path.join(app_config.path, 'fixtures')
if os.path.isdir(d):
@@ -278,7 +278,8 @@ def model_installed(model):
# Load initial_data fixtures (unless that has been disabled)
if self.load_initial_data:
- call_command('loaddata', 'initial_data', verbosity=self.verbosity, database=connection.alias, skip_validation=True)
+ for app_label in app_labels:
+ call_command('loaddata', 'initial_data', verbosity=self.verbosity, database=connection.alias, skip_validation=True, app_label=app_label, hide_empty=True)
return created_models
@@ -383,6 +383,16 @@ onto which the data will be loaded.
The :djadminopt:`--ignorenonexistent` option can be used to ignore fields that
may have been removed from models since the fixture was originally generated.
+.. versionchanged:: 1.7
+ ``--app`` was added.
+.. django-admin-option:: --app
+The :djadminopt:`--app` option can be used to specify a single app to look
+for fixtures in rather than looking through all apps.
What's a "fixture"?
@@ -59,6 +59,9 @@ but a few of the key features are:
will still work, but that method name is deprecated and you should change
it as soon as possible (nothing more than renaming is required).
+* ``initial_data`` fixtures are no longer loaded for apps with migrations; if
+ you want to load initial data for an app, we suggest you do it in a migration.
App-loading refactor
@@ -714,6 +717,19 @@ For apps with migrations, ``allow_migrate`` will now get passed
without custom attributes, methods or managers. Make sure your ``allow_migrate``
methods are only referring to fields or other items in ``model._meta``.
+Apps with migrations will not load ``initial_data`` fixtures when they have
+finished migrating. Apps without migrations will continue to load these fixtures
+during the phase of ``migrate`` which emulates the old ``syncdb`` behaviour,
+but any new apps will not have this support.
+Instead, you are encouraged to load initial data in migrations if you need it
+(using the ``RunPython`` operation and your model classes);
+this has the added advantage that your initial data will not need updating
+every time you change the schema.
App-loading changes
@@ -329,6 +329,17 @@ def test_loaddata_error_message(self):
management.call_command('loaddata', 'invalid.json', verbosity=0)
self.assertIn("Could not load fixtures.Article(pk=1):", cm.exception.args[0])
+ def test_loaddata_app_option(self):
+ """
+ Verifies that the --app option works.
+ """
+ management.call_command('loaddata', 'db_fixture_1', verbosity=0, app_label="someotherapp")
+ self.assertQuerysetEqual(Article.objects.all(), [])
+ management.call_command('loaddata', 'db_fixture_1', verbosity=0, app_label="fixtures")
+ self.assertQuerysetEqual(Article.objects.all(), [
+ '<Article: Who needs more than one database?>',
+ ])
def test_loading_using(self):
# Load db fixtures 1 and 2. These will load using the 'default' database identifier explicitly
management.call_command('loaddata', 'db_fixture_1', verbosity=0, using='default')

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