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Now that formsets guarentee ordering (see [10623]) we can remove the …

…arbitrary validation of this fact added as part of [10077].

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jacobian committed Apr 22, 2009
1 parent 6d1837a commit d6829782d0001a08526f6b8465302865842990dc
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  2. +1 −4 docs/ref/contrib/admin/index.txt
@@ -67,10 +67,6 @@ def validate(cls, model):
# list_editable
if hasattr(cls, 'list_editable') and cls.list_editable:
check_isseq(cls, 'list_editable', cls.list_editable)
- if not (opts.ordering or cls.ordering):
- raise ImproperlyConfigured("'%s.list_editable' cannot be used "
- "without a default ordering. Please define ordering on either %s or %s."
- % (cls.__name__, cls.__name__, model.__name__))
for idx, field_name in enumerate(cls.list_editable):
field = opts.get_field_by_name(field_name)[0]
@@ -424,16 +424,13 @@ edit and save multiple rows at once.
``list_editable`` interacts with a couple of other options in particular
ways; you should note the following rules:
- * To use ``list_editable`` you must have defined ``ordering`` on either
- your model's or your ``ModelAdmin``'s inner ``Meta``.
* Any field in ``list_editable`` must also be in ``list_display``. You
can't edit a field that's not displayed!
* The same field can't be listed in both ``list_editable`` and
``list_display_links`` -- a field can't be both a form and a link.
- You'll get a validation error if any of these rules are broken.
+ You'll get a validation error if either of these rules are broken.
.. attribute:: ModelAdmin.list_filter

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