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Fixed #11322 -- Clarified docs regarding middleware processing. Thank…

…s the Michael Malone for the patch.

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@@ -107,15 +107,18 @@ middleware is always called on every response.
``request`` is an :class:`~django.http.HttpRequest` object. ``response`` is the
:class:`~django.http. HttpResponse` object returned by a Django view.
-``process_response()`` should return an :class:`~django.http. HttpResponse`
+``process_response()`` must return an :class:`~django.http. HttpResponse`
object. It could alter the given ``response``, or it could create and return a
brand-new :class:`~django.http. HttpResponse`.
-Remember that your middleware will not be called if another middleware object
-returns a response before you. But unlike ``process_request()`` and
-``process_view()``, during the response phase the classes are applied in reverse
-order, from the bottom up. This means classes defined at the end of
-:setting:`MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES` will be run first.
+Unlike the ``process_request()`` and ``process_view()`` methods, the
+``process_response()`` method is always called, even if the ``process_request()``
+and ``process_view()`` methods of the same middleware class were skipped because
+an earlier middleware method returned an :class:`~django.http. HttpResponse`
+(this means that your ``process_response()`` method cannot rely on setup done in
+``process_request()``, for example). In addition, during the response phase the
+classes are applied in reverse order, from the bottom up. This means classes
+defined at the end of :setting:`MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES` will be run first.
.. _exception-middleware:

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