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@@ -603,3 +603,32 @@ distribution. It enables tab-completion of ```` and
* Press [TAB] to see all available options.
* Type ``sql``, then [TAB], to see all available options whose names start
with ``sql``.
+Customized actions
+**New in Django development version**
+If you want to add an action of your own to ````, you can.
+Simply add a ``management/commands`` directory to your application.
+Each python file in that directory will be discovered and registered as
+a command that can be executed as an action when you run ````::
+ /fancy_blog
+ /management
+ /commands
+In this example, ``explode`` command will be made available to any project
+that includes the ``fancy_blog`` application in ``settings.INSTALLED_APPS``.
+The ```` file has only one requirement -- it must define a class
+called ``Command`` that extends ````.
+For more details on how to define your own commands, look at the code for the
+existing ```` commands, in ``/django/core/management/commands``.

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