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-Django 1.5.2 release notes
-*August 13, 2013*
-This is Django 1.5.2, a bugfix and security release for Django 1.5.
-Mitigated possible XSS attack via user-supplied redirect URLs
-Django relies on user input in some cases (e.g.
-:func:`django.contrib.auth.views.login`, :mod:`django.contrib.comments`, and
-:doc:`i18n </topics/i18n/index>`) to redirect the user to an "on success" URL.
-The security checks for these redirects (namely
-``django.util.http.is_safe_url()``) didn't check if the scheme is ``http(s)``
-and as such allowed ``javascript:...`` URLs to be entered. If a developer
-relied on ``is_safe_url()`` to provide safe redirect targets and put such a
-URL into a link, he could suffer from a XSS attack. This bug doesn't affect
-Django currently, since we only put this URL into the ``Location`` response
-header and browsers seem to ignore JavaScript there.
-XSS vulnerability in :mod:`django.contrib.admin`
-If a :class:`~django.db.models.URLField` is used in Django 1.5, it displays the
-current value of the field and a link to the target on the admin change page.
-The display routine of this widget was flawed and allowed for XSS.
-* Fixed a crash with :meth:`~django.db.models.query.QuerySet.prefetch_related`
- (#19607) as well as some ``pickle`` regressions with ``prefetch_related``
- (#20157 and #20257).
-* Fixed a regression in :mod:`django.contrib.gis` in the Google Map output on
- Python 3 (#20773).
-* Made ``DjangoTestSuiteRunner.setup_databases`` properly handle aliases for
- the default database (#19940) and prevented ``teardown_databases`` from
- attempting to tear down aliases (#20681).
-* Fixed the ``django.core.cache.backends.memcached.MemcachedCache`` backend's
- ``get_many()`` method on Python 3 (#20722).
-* Fixed :mod:`django.contrib.humanize` translation syntax errors. Affected
- languages: Mexican Spanish, Mongolian, Romanian, Turkish (#20695).
-* Added support for wheel packages (#19252).
-* The CSRF token now rotates when a user logs in.
-* Some Python 3 compatibility fixes including #20212 and #20025.
-* Fixed some rare cases where :meth:`~django.db.models.query.QuerySet.get`
- exceptions recursed infinitely (#20278).
-* :djadmin:`makemessages` no longer crashes with ``UnicodeDecodeError``
- (#20354).
-* Fixed ``geojson`` detection with Spatialite.
-* :meth:`~django.test.SimpleTestCase.assertContains` once again works with
- binary content (#20237).
-* Fixed :class:`~django.db.models.ManyToManyField` if it has a unicode ``name``
- parameter (#20207).
-* Ensured that the WSGI request's path is correctly based on the
- ``SCRIPT_NAME`` environment variable or the :setting:`FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME`
- setting, regardless of whether or not either has a trailing slash (#20169).
-* Fixed an obscure bug with the :func:`~django.test.utils.override_settings`
- decorator. If you hit an ``AttributeError: 'Settings' object has no attribute
- '_original_allowed_hosts'`` exception, it's probably fixed (#20636).

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