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Fixed #4068 -- Fixed incorrect docstring in docs/syndication_feeds.tx…

…t. Thanks, Jeff Hilyard and Vinay Sajip

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@@ -646,15 +646,15 @@ This example illustrates all possible attributes and methods for a ``Feed`` clas
def item_enclosure_mime_type(self, item):
Takes an item, as returned by items(), and returns the item's
- enclosure mime type.
+ enclosure MIME type.
def item_enclosure_mime_type(self):
- Returns the enclosure length, in bytes, for every item in the feed.
+ Returns the enclosure MIME type for every item in the feed.
- item_enclosure_mime_type = "audio/mpeg" # Hard-coded enclosure mime-type.
+ item_enclosure_mime_type = "audio/mpeg" # Hard-coded enclosure MIME type.
# ITEM PUBDATE -- It's optional to use one of these three. This is a
# hook that specifies how to get the pubdate for a given item.

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