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Improved changelog for runserver in 1.7.

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@@ -343,11 +343,20 @@ Management Commands
Django takes this information from your settings file. If you have configured
multiple caches or multiple databases, all cache tables are created.
-* The :djadmin:`runserver` command now uses ``inotify`` Linux kernel signals
- for autoreloading if ``pyinotify`` is installed.
+* The :djadmin:`runserver` command received several improvements:
-* The :djadmin:`runserver` command is now restarted when a translation file is
- changed.
+ * On BSD systems, including OS X, the development server will reload
+ immediately when a file is changed. Previously, it was polling the
timgraham Nov 4, 2013 Member

"was polling" -> "polled"

+ filesystem for changes every second. That caused a small delay before
+ reloads and reduced battery life on laptops.
+ * On Linux, the same improvements are available when pyinotify_ is
+ installed.
+ .. _pyinotify:
+ * Besides, the development server automatically reloads when a translation
timgraham Nov 4, 2013 Member

usage of "Besides" is awkward IMO. I'd suggest something like "In addition, "

+ file is updated, ie. after running :djadmin:`compilemessages`.

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Fixed in c349bcb, thank you.

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