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Fixed #9471 - Expanded ModelAdmin.raw_id_fields docs; thanks adroffne…

… for the suggestion.
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1 parent 1b096ad commit da958eb2098372c20cc3aaf905777b1a8d3144eb @timgraham timgraham committed Oct 24, 2012
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@@ -803,6 +803,14 @@ subclass::
class ArticleAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
raw_id_fields = ("newspaper",)
+ The ``raw_id_fields`` ``Input`` widget should contain a primary key if the
+ field is a ``ForeignKey`` or a comma separated list of values if the field
+ is a ``ManyToManyField``. The ``raw_id_fields`` widget shows a magnifying
+ glass button next to the field which allows users to search for and select
+ a value:
+ .. image:: _images/raw_id_fields.png
.. attribute:: ModelAdmin.readonly_fields
By default the admin shows all fields as editable. Any fields in this

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